For juicy, tender results, whole muscle pork cuts, such as chops, loins and tenderloins, should be cooked to medium doneness – 145°F. For kabob and burger recipes use time guidelines and cook until nicely browned, turning once.

Use a meat thermometer to judge doneness. When the internal temperature reaches 145°F, remove meat and let it rest for three minutes. For large, less tender cuts like ribs and pork shoulder, cook slowly; follow time guidelines until meat is fork-tender.

Try The Touch Test

The “touch test” checks the relative firmness of cooked meat to gauge doneness. Here’s how:

Make a fist with your thumb in the center of your palm. Clenching your fist as hard as you can, use the index finger of your other hand to touch the muscle at the base of your thumb; this is what overcooked pork feels like. Keeping a fist, relax just a little; this is what perfectly cooked pork should feel like. Still keeping a fist, relax completely; this is what raw or undercooked pork feels like.

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