Rocky Mountain Charcuterie


Our friend Chef Justin Brunson announced his plans to open Rocky Mountain Charcuterie (RMC), a new Denver-based meat production facility. Partnering with Ken Wolf, Matt Grove, Joshua Applestone and Amos Watts, RMC will specialize in local deli meats, fresh and cooked sausages, bacon and dry-cured salamis.

Chef Brunson is the chef and owner of five Denver restaurants – Old Major, Masterpiece Deli, Masterpiece Kitchen, Masterpiece Luncheonette and Culture Meat & Cheese as well as a bacon production company – Denver Bacon Company.

After opening Masterpiece Deli in 2008, Chef Brunson wasn’t able to source the meat products he wanted so he began making his own – a process he later brought to Old Major. RMC will allow Chef Brunson to produce deli meats and charcuterie for consumers and restaurants. As he calls it “meat for the everyday man.”

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