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Fennel and Chili-Rubbed Bone-In Rib Roast

Chef Ashley Christensen of Poole’s diner in Raleigh, NC uses the bone-in pork loin to celebrate comfort. Her Fennel and Chili-Rubbed Bone-in Rib Roast is brined for a full day, rubbed with fennel seed and chili flakes and roasted, then sliced off the bone and the ribs are crisped with more rub for even greater flavor. The rich, marbled loin and crispy ribs are served with a bright, fresh fennel salad and cherry tomatoes to create a delicious, balanced dish.  

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Fermented Pork with Greens and Cherry Miso

At Ardent in Milwaukee, WI, Chef Justin Carlisle creates incredible dishes with the boneless loin. His Fermented Pork with Greens and Cherry Miso starts with center-cut pork loin rubbed with sake lees and aged garlic mashed with red miso. The pork is vacuum-sealed and fermented for three weeks in the cooler, cooked sous-vide for four hours to medium-rare, then seared and served with Lacinato kale sautéed with shallots, butter and pork stock, and a dollop of cherry miso.  

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Ham Steaks with Shelling Beans and Charred Herb Vinaigrette

The Publican in Chicago, IL pays homage to pork, and it’s where Chef Cosmo Goss takes ham to new heights. He wet-cures his city ham with brown sugar, maple syrup, salt and chili, cures it for 10-14 days, and hot-smokes it over hickory and apple woods. Then he chars the ham on the grill, basting it with a spicy-sweet sumac glaze until caramelized, and serves it over creamy braised shelling beans. To finish the dish, he drizzles it with an herb vinaigrette made with charred scallions, thyme, parsley, basil and mint.  

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